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  1. Allie,
    Nice pics of the Dope Cup 2013 People’s Choice entries. Alas I was not able to stay for the final judging that night and I still have my judge’s sample pack. Anyway I can find out which # on these samples goes with which flower? So I can conduct my own personal judging 🙂 just a little late.

    1. No problem…
      1: Dutch Treat (Healing Leaf)
      2: Chocolate Kush (Greenworks)
      3: Purple Kush (Greenworks)
      4: Black Sugar Kush (Rainier Xpress)
      5: Fire Alien OG (Greener Today)
      6: GDP (Cann.did)
      7: Plasberry (SHH)
      8: Blueberry Yum Yum (Healing Leaf)
      9: Banana Kush (CCC)
      10: Euphoria (Dank Inc.)

  2. I am working on a project an looking for cannabis Farmers Market pictures from Tacoma please let me know asap if you have any that I can use I saw a few you posted and they look great

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