Soldiers of Jah Army (SOJA) perform at Marymoor Park as a part of the Soulshine festival.

140627_SOJA_0593_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0600_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0641_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0681_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0646_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0714_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0725_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0696_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0698_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0700_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0751_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0765_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0790_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0841_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0848_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0890_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0911_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0932_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0948_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0973_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_0994_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1002_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1015_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1050_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1080_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1098_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1105_tonemapped copy 140627_SOJA_1150_tonemapped copy


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