EBZ Glass Collabs

Functional glass art from artists Erin Bourguignon, Finn Tollefson and Norman Griswold out of 7 Point Studios in Seattle.

EBZ Glass and Finn Tollefson Collab
EBZ Glass140602_ebzglass_9283_tonemapped

140602_ebzglass_9249_50_51_fused140528_ebzglass_9145_6_7_fused 140528_ebzglass_9142_3_4_tonemapped

EBZ Glass & Stormin’ Norman Collab140528_ebzglass_9126_tonemapped 140528_ebzglass_9125_tonemapped 140528_ebzglass_9114_tonemapped 140528_ebzglass_9110_tonemapped 140528_ebzglass_9099_100_101_fusedEBZ Glass Pipe and Sherlock140528_ebzglass_9090_tonemapped 140528_ebzglass_9083_tonemapped


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