Magical Butter Studios

Had a great tour of Magical Butter Studios for our April issue feature on the location given to us by Jeremy and Mercedys. They’re just getting the place going and their first big event was the 3rd annual DOPE Cup last weekend, which was a huge success! They plan to use this space as a community and event center. Located in SoDo 2225 First Ave South, Seattle. 98134.
140318_MagicalButter_3159_60_61_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3165_6_7_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3168_69_70_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3189_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3192_3_4_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3198_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3202_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3207_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3212_tonemapped 140318_MagicalButter_3215_tonemapped


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