WSLCB Public Hearing on MMJ 11/13/13

The Washington State Liquor Control Board held a hearing Wednesday night available for public comment. 122 people signed up to speak but time was limited so they randomly called five at a time until 9pm. Patient after patient lined up to share their story with the LCB and how the recent recommendations to eliminate medical marijuana in Washington state would threaten their livelihood and are unacceptable. It was an emotionally heavy evening and time will tell if the LCB takes these comments into consideration.

“The strongest obstacle to goodness is not brute force or cinder blocks but hearts that are cold and unmoved. Only a credible love that draws solidarity can transform that obstacle.” – Dean Brackley

_MG_1649 _MG_1654_MG_1675Steve Sarich of the Cannabis Action Coalition

_MG_1686 _MG_1693Ezra Eickmeyer

_MG_1716 _MG_1727

There was a good amount of news coverage that thankfully was aired stories this time… there were a couple news stations that showed to the last LCB public hearing but failed to report anything on the matter. _MG_1732 _MG_1745 _MG_1766

Steve Elliot of Toke Signals_MG_1772

Front row: WSLCB Regulatory Analyst Ingrid Mungia (far left), Randy Simmons with the LCB (center gray) and Rick Garza LCB’s deputy director (black jacket)
_MG_1835 _MG_1838 _MG_1841 _MG_1849 _MG_1854 _MG_1858 _MG_1871 _MG_1876 _MG_1900 _MG_1908

There was a diverse range of patients who attended the public hearing_MG_1916 _MG_1919 _MG_1925 _MG_1936 _MG_1953Alex Cooley of Solstice Grown

_MG_1964Kaya with the Cannabis Action Coalition

_MG_1976Representatives smirking after a patients rally for unity among the medical cannabis community.


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