Cannabis Freedom March 2013

The Cannabis Freedom March is an annual event that begins with a gathering at Volunteer Park with speakers and performances by local musicians. The march proceeds through Capitol Hill into downtown to it’s destination at Westlake Park where more local speakers and musicians preformed into the evening. This years march was significant because it symbolized the end of prohibition in Washington State, but the message behind this protest was for legalization across the country. There were several issues that medical marijuana patients specifically were protesting for, such as the right to have home-grows. _MG_7095 _MG_7103 _MG_7125 _MG_7130 _MG_7169 _MG_7228 _MG_7245 _MG_7302 _MG_7417 _MG_7448 _MG_7484 _MG_7495 _MG_7526 _MG_7538 _MG_7541 _MG_7551 _MG_7595


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