Gandan Monastery, Mongolia


The Gandantegchenling Buddhist Monastery is in the capitol of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Gandantegchenling roughly translates to “the great place of complete joy”. A mother brings her child for blessings

Buddhist monks chanting in the Ochidara Temple. Gandan has over 120 resident monks. Mother and daughter feed birds in the plaza of Gandan

The main attraction of the Gandan Monestary is the 27-meter-high statue of buddhist bodhisattva, Magjid JanraisigMan spins prayer wheels while entering Magjid’s templeTwo women travel clockwise around the statue of Magjid, turning prayer wheels. Linging the walls of the temple are hundreds of images of Ayush, the Buddha of longevity Spinning of the prayer wheels releases good karma and prayers into the air, while turning the wheels the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is spoken. The same mantra is also inscribed on the wheels, it translates to ‘Oh Buddha give me eternal light’

Monk working on a sand mandala, when he has completed this design from memory, a ritual is held and the colorful sand is swept away and dispersed into flowing water

The Tibetan mandala is a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion. Monks meditate upon the mandala, imagining it as a three-dimensional palace. The mandala’s purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones.

Local vendors make a profit off selling seed to traveling tourists


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