Tacoma Cannabis Farmer’s Market

I received this assignment from DOPE magazine at the last minute, but I am so glad I blew off writing a final paper to attend :).

There was an impressive showing with over 3,000 WA patients and definitely enough venders to supply each and every one of them with unique ways to medicate. Seeing the local, personal side medical marijuana was refreshing and there was no lack of interesting conversation – everywhere I turned people were having intimate energetic conversations, filling the entire room with enjoyable energy.

Between flower, concentrates, tinctures, teas, ice cream, pancakes…even a medicated chocolate fountain…you are sure to get your needs met at the Tacoma Cannabis Farmer’s Market.

The next Tacoma Farmer’s Market will be held on June 17th from 11am to 5pm in Tacoma, WA – 1912 Center St.


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